A hint to choosing
      candle colors - - - - - - -

           from Journey

Please remember, Journey does not ever tell you what to do or what is
absolutely right in choosing candle colors or anything else.
We believe that whatever works for you WORKS.

Please take these suggestions as just that and not infallable rules ! ! !

OK, here we go - - - - - - -

Related to the Rising Sun and the Waxing Moon. New beginnings. Mental activities. Studying and Learning. Divination. Clairvoyance. Communication. Element of the East, Air. Color of 3rd chakra,(solar plexus). Spring. Childhood.
Related to the High Noon Sun and the Full Moon. Passion. Sexual love. Creativity. Energy. Courage. Strength. Element of the South, Fire. Color of 1st (root) chakra. Summer. Young adult.
Related to the Setting Sun and the Waning Moon. Emotions. Love. Healing. Tranquility. Understanding. Truth. Sincerity. Element of the West, Water. Color of 5th (throat) chakra. The Goddess in the Mother aspect. Autumn. Middle Age.
Related to the Night and the Dark Moon. The completion of projects. Solidarity. Stability. Prosperity. Luck. Rebirth. Fertility. Element of the North, Earth. Color of 4th (heart) chakra. Winter. Old Age.
Color relating to spirituality and high purpose. Color of the 6th chakra (third eye) depending on the system, sometimes the 6th is indigo and the 7th is purple or white.
The Goddess. Spirituality. Anything to do with the Moon. Receptive power.
The God. Power. Anything to do with the Sun. Projective power.
Health. A combination of Yellow and Red, which is new beginnings and passion/creativity together. Color of the 2nd (abdominal) chakra.
The God or the Projective Aspect of anyone. A good general purpose candle color for most anything. Color of the Goddess in the Maiden aspect. Usual color of the 7th (crown) chakra.
The Goddess or the Receptive Aspect of anyone. The banishment, absorption or destruction of negativity. Color of the Goddess in the Crone aspect.
There's a few new candle colors on here. We'll eventually get time to write some explanations for these. In the meantime, use your imagination. They are just variations of the other colors! Using imagination is good for ya.....
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