Enter your prayer, spell, or message here.  Candles burn down, the virtual candle lives on forever. Prayers never end - - - The Virtual Candle
The Virtual Candle
from Journey
Journey is a spiritual discovery group dedicated to Deity within, composed of seekers of various Wiccan, Pagan, and other spiritual paths. Home of the Virtual Candle, where you can leave a prayer, spell or message. Candles burn down, the Virtual Candle lives on forever. Prayers never end - - - -

Light a candle, pick your preferred color, leave a message or prayer - - - - - - - - -

You may light a virtual candle for any ethical purpose you wish. The act of doing so,
by your conscious will, will be the same as if you actually lit a candle in your home.


Morphogenesis - Morphic Fields come closer to really explaning true Magick than anything ever has.

These are in PDF format - Free reader HERE if you don't already have it.

Candles burn down, the virtual candle lives on forever.

Be sure your purpose is ethical and you have permission of anyone else who may be involved in the lighting of this candle.

When you light your candle and enter a message it will go on the permanent web page for others to see. Your prayer, spell, whatever you want to call it, will exist forever.

Click here for a preview of existing messages - - -

A collection of inspiring messages from the multi-faith Virtual Candle community around the world

We're very sorry but the Virtual Candle must be shut down for awhile
as there have been too many people violating the rule of no full names

You know who you are so now know what you have caused ! ! !

Any questions contact bill@journeyi.net

Light a candle, the color is your choice. Remember, a candle is only a tool of focus. The real power lies within your own conscious mind.

We are very proud to to say that the Virtual Candle now contains messages from 119 countries and areas around the world. Click HERE to see a current list.........

If you want to leave a message or prayer that others can add their energies to and/or followup on,
please checkout TheJourney discussion forum, now open
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